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The Gianna Angelopoulos Programme

for Science Technology and Innovation

GAPSTI Annual Report 2019-2020

It is a pleasure to introduce the Annual Report (2019–20) of the Gianna Angelopoulos Programme at the end of a year when we laid the foundations for this internationally unique ecosystem of training, research and entrepreneurial activity.

The announcement of the Programme was greeted with excitement by the academic and industrial community, who welcomed it as an outstanding opportunity for mutually beneficial engagement.

The Programme gained momentum very rapidly, in terms of recruitment and activities. Our call to the University to match the funding of the five-year Lectureships exceeded all expectations: three departments came forward and, rather than simply matching the investment, they endowed all three Lectureships to retirement age. Not only did this attract a better pool of candidates to recruit from and allowed us to make three appointments of the highest standard, but it serves as an example of the University’s ability to multiply philanthropic investment, in this case adding £7.5 million into the Programme.

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