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The Gianna Angelopoulos Programme

for Science Technology and Innovation

The Impact for Greece Programme actively seeks opportunities to establish strong links with Greek academic institutions and industry, facilitating a two-way exchange of people and ideas.

Joint initiatives and network-building is at the forefront of these activities, facilitated by means of visiting research scholarships, PhD studentships (to be held in Greece or in Cambridge), short courses and summer schools organised by the University of Cambridge or jointly with Greek academic institutions.

This element of the Programme will continuously evolve in consultation with Greek academics, industrialists and policy makers.



Scholarships for Greek Students

GAPSTI provided scholarships for Greek scientists to attend the Autumn High Performance Computing (HPC) Academy.

The Centre for Scientific Computing at the University of Cambridge annually hosts the Autumn High Performance Computing Academy. The overall aim of this two-week course is to provide attendees with a strong background in elements of high performance computing techniques suitable for general science and technology projects.

The course is taught by experts from several universities and HPC organisations across the United Kingdom who introduce the students to a range of topics suited to high performance software development, including command-line Linux, version control, data structures, and super-computer cluster queueing systems. Topics include Introduction to Linux, Scientific Programming in C++, Performance Programming,  Parallel Architectures, OpenMP, MPI (Message Passing Interface) and Software Development.


SME strategic business growth

GAPSTI offered support to Greek SMEs to participate at the Judge Business School Strategic Business Growth Programme.

Since 2015, the Entrepreneurship Centre of the Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) has been offering a programme dedicated to SMEs, the Strategic Business Growth Programme. Led by Stelios Kavadias,  Margaret Thatcher Professor of Enterprise Studies in Innovation and Growth, the programme’s aim is to systematically develop the managerial capability of SME leadership teams.


Connecting astronomers

GAPSTI supports collaboration between the Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge and the Institute of Astrophysics – FORTH in Greece

A joint project has been initiated between the two institutions, which will bring together two major projects, namely Gaia and PASIPHAE, to help astrophysicists understand stars like never before. Gaia is the flagship  ESA (European Space Agency) mission, taking the most complete census ever of stars in the Galaxy, and its UK activities are led by Professor Gerry Gilmore’s group in Cambridge. PASIPHAE is a game-changing  survey of stellar optical polarisations, and is led by Professor Konstantinos Tassis’s group in Crete.


GAPSTI@Greece 2021

The upcoming 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821 and the War of Independence is an important remembrance date for Greeks around the world and an opportunity to reflect on the present-day position of Greece and its future.

To mark the event, the Greek state has commissioned the Greece2021 Committee to oversee the planning of the celebration and to organise a comprehensive layout of projects and events that aim to reintroducing Greece, from the beginning of its contemporary history to today, over the course of 200 years.