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The Gianna Angelopoulos Programme

for Science Technology and Innovation

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Gemma Bale as the Gianna Angelopoulos Lecturer in Medical Therapeutics.

Gemma holds a BSc in Physics from Imperial College London and a Master’s in Photonics Systems Development from the University of Cambridge and University College London. She has established the multidisciplinary research group Neuro Optics Lab, which will develop and validate new optical methods to monitor brain function and metabolism non-invasively. Her research currently focuses on developing new optical neuromonitoring devices to help diagnose and treat brain injury in newborn babies.

Gemma is a science communicator who has been awarded the Isambard Kingdom Brunel Award for Engineering, Technology and Industry by the British Science Association, and has led the award-winning public engagement platform www.

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