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The Gianna Angelopoulos Programme

for Science Technology and Innovation

Strategic Context

The co-location of the University of Cambridge and a large number of advanced technology and bioscience companies provide the opportunity for the Gianna Angelopoulos Programme to take a holistic approach to identifying societal and industrial needs, conducting research to address these needs, and, in collaboration with University-based or commercial enterprise units, paving the way to commercialisation. In doing so, the Programme will produce its own cadre of highly skilled scientists through integrated doctoral training and the continuous professional development of postdoctoral researchers.


Programme Delivery

The Programme will comprise four academic appointments, a PhD Scholars Programme, an International Symposium, and an Impact for Greece Programme.


Governance and Management

The GAPSTI Programme has a well-defined structure dedicated to ensuring good use of the Programme's Funds and well-directed scientific and research oversight.