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The Gianna Angelopoulos Programme

for Science Technology and Innovation


Alan worked for Cambridge Consultants for 34 years including six years as Chairman, five years as CEO and 10 years in other Board roles. Whilst Alan was CEO, Cambridge Consultants grew by a factor of three and expanded internationally into Japan, Singapore, Seattle and San Francisco. As well as the renowned innovation in developing new products for international clients, Cambridge Consultants incubated many start-ups companies including some that have become billion-pound capitalisation companies such as Domino, CSR and Xaar.  Its latest spin-off, Evonetix, is making impressive progress in synthetic biology and Alan made a significant contribution to obtaining its funding. Before joining the board, Alan played leading roles in projects involving the development of short-range radar systems and microelectronics. Alan is currently a member of the advisory board of Flylogix, a start-up company developing beyond line- of-sight drone services for remote inspection.

Alan has a Master’s Degree in Mathematics from Churchill College and an MBA with Distinction from the Open University.