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The Gianna Angelopoulos Programme

for Science Technology and Innovation




Simon worked for Schlumberger for 35 years. He joined Schlumberger Cambridge Research in 1985 as a scientist working in fluid mechanics, then moved to Norway in 1993 managing Marine Seismic Systems and developed of Q-Marine. In 2001, he was made VP Product Development (based in Houston) which included all Product Development (5,000 engineers and scientist) and Manufacturing (2B$) for Schlumberger. In 2005, he became VP of Mergers and Acquisitions in Paris, completing more than 40 investments. He returned to the UK and as VP Research - which included worldwide research centres for the company.  In 2020 he was made VP for Science and Technology for a new division of the company, expanding beyond oil and gas into New Energy.

Simon holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics (Imperial College), and a Ph.D. in Fluid Mechanics (University of Bristol).  He is a By-Fellow of Churchill College Cambridge and an Honorary Fellow of Darwin College Cambridge.

Dr Simon Bittleston